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Services and Prices

PHARMATECHWORDS is at the junction between the necessity for linguistic support and document creation, mainly in English and French.

PHARMATECHWORDS offers external scientific and technical writing services for the pharmaceutical industry and clinical research laboratories.

PHARMATECHWORDS creates and writes technical and scientific documents such as articles, protocols, case reports, investigators' brochures.

PHARMATECHWORDS is committed to the quality of the services provided, respecting the specifications discussed and provided by the client.

The deadlines for the production of the documents, as well as the technical problems, are to be defined through these specifications.

Any production is a collaboration with the customer. In the instance that the work does not comply with the specifications previously defined, the customer is entitled to return the document to be worked on to the customer's satisfaction.

Services and Prices

The quality of services and customer satisfaction are at the heart of the Company's concerns.

PHARMATECHWORDS is committed to confidentiality. The degree of confidentiality of each task is at the discretion of the client and will be notified on the specifications.

PHARMATECHWORDS provides a translation page consisting of a maximum of thirty lines of sixty characters or spaces. Rates are per word and vary according to the difficulty of the service.

Each separate document is deemed to be a full page in its own right.

Any translation error will be corrected free of charge.

Services and Prices

Price table for translations

Documents Prices

Basic proofreading and correction

0,02€ per word


0.02 to 0.06€ per word

Medical translations

0.06 to 0.08€ per word

Services and Prices

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